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Our Core Purpose & Values

Creating the WOW factor with every opportunity and every interaction.

Our Why

Our Core Purpose

We’ve been asked this question many, many times: What truly is our core PURPOSE?

Profits, you ask? Sure. Everyone wants to operate a successful business. Our future survival? Of course. Nobody wants to fail. Getting our clients the right insurance? Naturally. That’s our core business, after all.

But when you ask us WHY we do what we do, these aren’t the first answers that come to mind. Because our business goes beyond finding the right coverage policy, far exceeds the race for profit and is about much, much more than our financial survival.

Our business is about creating the WOW factor with every opportunity and every interaction. Our business is going the extra mile for our clients, being unapologetically authentic in all we do, and treating everyone with respect and kindness. It’s about being resourceful and finding better solutions, without expecting something in return. Working together and forming partnerships, even in challenging situations. And always doing the right thing, no matter who’s watching.

This is why we do what we do. This is why our clients choose us. And why our team prefer to work here.

We are the Executive Chef of our own kitchen

We know that corporate responsibility begins with each one of us. We are the chefs of our own kitchen: we take accountability for our actions, take ownership of our results, clean up our own messes and take absolute pride in completing our work with speed, precision and excellence. When we have done all we could to create that “I’ve made Nonna proud” moment at the end of each workday, we know we have earned the respect of our peers, we are worthy of the trust of our clients and mostly, we have made ourselves proud of the work we delivered.

Always find a better way

1. Being resourceful is the key to excellence in all we do;

2. Excellence is not a destination to be reached overnight, nor an individual achievement. It’s a journey we take together that requires dedication, teamwork, resilience and an unwavering desire to be the best at what we do;

3. When we’re excellent together, we win together. We always find a better way. And we make a real difference.

Never miss the first pitch

We’ve learned that going above and beyond for our clients means always being responsive to their needs, whether they’ve expressed them or we’ve taken the initiative to identify issues we can help solve for them. Stories like these remind us that every client interaction is an opportunity to truly make a difference by going out of our way to create an extraordinary customer experience. It starts with genuinely listening to our clients and offering meaningful ways to serve them with empathy, generosity and gratitude. It’s about knowing that even the smallest of gestures can have the biggest impact. It’s about going the extra mile.

Always do the right thing, no matter who’s watching

To us, integrity fuels our commitment to always do the right thing, regardless of the outcome or who’s watching. When we’re truly genuine, we create a culture of trust: In each other. Among our clients. In what we do and in the difference we make each day.

Treat everyone with equal significance

We strive to treat everyone like they matter, because they do. Small clients, big clients, senior leadership, junior members of our team – we all deserve to be treated with equal significance. That’s how we bring out the best in everyone, and how we give our best in all we do.

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