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Preparing Your Vehicle for the Winter Season

Winterizing your vehicle is crucial for protecting you and your family against weather-related incidents that are likely to arise during the winter months. Having your car break down during a blizzard, running out of windshield wiper fluid or being unable to start your car are a few familiar events that can occur. Read below to equip yourself with helpful tips to promote safety while driving on the roads this upcoming season. 


Tune-up your vehicle

  • Have your vehicle inspected to ensure everything is in working order.
  • A mechanic should examine your starter, alternator, heating system and brakes.

Change your tires

  • Have a mechanic install winter tires on your vehicle.
  • Make sure you have them installed early in the season, as you never know when the first snowfall will occur.

Windshield wipers

  • For maximum visibility, replace your windshield wipers when they show signs of wear.
  • Be sure to top your reservoir with fluid that can withstand temperatures of -40 °C.

Winter mats

  • Use rubber mats on the floor of your vehicle to prevent calcium & salt stains and to prevent water from pooling.

Additional tips

  • Always keep a survival kit in your vehicle.
  • Always keep a snow brush/ice scraper in your vehicle.
  • Adjust your driving habits to winter conditions and slow down.
  • Regularly check your vehicle’s coolant, antifreeze, and windshield washer fluid levels.
  • Wash your vehicle when the temperature is above 0 °C to prevent salt stains and calcium deposits.

Before to the winter months, it is important to prepare your vehicle to prevent weather-related incidents from occurring. Combined with the TIM’s auto insurance coverage for your vehicle, these tips will help to keep you and your family safe while driving in Canada’s cold and snowy conditions.


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