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Safety for Your Home Away from Home

Are you planning on spending time at your home away from home this summer? There’s nothing better than a hot and sunny weekend at your cottage with friends and family. However, injuries and accidents can occur while you’re on your cottage or summer getaway. There are a few important tips and considerations to keep in mind to ensure you and your family are kept safe.

Cottage Safety Tips:

  • Before heading up to the cottage, ensure you check your vehicle’s lights, signals, tire pressure and fluids.
  • Ensure your first-aid kit is well stocked.
  • Check and maintain your cottage smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Complete a walk-around inspection of your boat, including fuel lines and gas tank. Ensure you also have lifejackets, a whistle and a paddle on board.
  • Clear any drive leaves and debris from the cottage roof and eavestroughs to prevent a risk of a fire.
  • Create a family emergency preparedness plan in the case of extreme weather, hazards or accidents.
  • Prepare disaster safety kits for access in your cottage and vehicle.
  • Ensure adult supervision at all times around bodies of water.
  • Be mindful of fire safety tips while around the campfire.

The Insurance Market stands by and promotes safety for your home away from home. Safety risks are present in and around your cottage property and being aware of these hazards can prevent accidents and injuries.

TIM offers Vacation Property/Cottage Insurance that is designed for homes with a replacement cost greater than $500,000. Vacation Property/Cottage Insurance includes:

  • Comprehensive “all risk” coverage against property damage or loss.
  • Guaranteed rebuilding cost without caps or limitations to match the quality of your home.
  • Replacement cost for your contents without depreciation deduction.
  • High deductible options to reduce your premiums.
  • Additional living expense to maintain your standard of living.
  • Worldwide coverage for your personal property away from the insured property.
  • Protection against by-law mandated increased costs.

Optional coverage available:

  • Critical home mechanical, electrical, and electronic breakdown repair or replacement.
  • Identity theft and fraud.
  • Outside of Canada – protection can be offered in many foreign countries.
  • Kidnap & ransom insurance.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Legal expense insurance.

For more information about Cottage Safety Tips, read this article by FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations).

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