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Spring Into Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! With the changing of seasons, calls for your quarterly home inspection to ensure the safety of your family and guests. There are a variety of maintenance tasks that every homeowner should tend to. Completing these tasks is pertinent for preventing serious problems or safety hazards that could put your family at risk or cause damage to your home.  

Spring Homeowner Maintenance Tips: 

Exterior inspection and repairs: Take a look around the exterior of your home and examine for any damage that could have occurred over the winter months. Check your home’s foundation and driveway for any cracks or leaks to ensure none of these places could have trapped water. This could contribute to serious damage down the road.

Clean out the gutters: In the winter months, gutters and downspouts may become blocked from ice and other debris. It is important to clear away any debris to prevent the clogging of drains. This also includes checking for moisture or leaks that could seep into the foundation of your home and later lead to a damp basement.  

Replace your furnace filter: After running your furnace all winter long, it is important to check and replace your furnace filter. This is to prevent dust, dirt, mold, bacteria and allergens from building up in the air inside your home. 

Inspect your sump pump: With the melting of snow, the potential risk of  pooling water around your home is very likely to occur. It is important to inspect your sump pump indoors and outdoors, for any damage, water pooling and debris. This is to ensure that if a flood does occur in your home, it will prevent any damage from happening. 

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: It is important to change the batteries in your home detectors on a semi-annual basis. This is to ensure you and your family are kept safe if a fire or gas leak were to occur in your home. 

Check your roof: Winter weather can cause damage to your roof. It is important to check your roof for leaks, punctures, blistering, or missing/damaged shingles as these problems can be very expensive to fix if not addressed right away.

These are just a few safety inspection tips that homeowners should be mindful of with the transition to the Spring months. Staying on top of these maintenances can save you time, money and decrease safety risks for you and your family. TIM’s home insurance is customized to meet your family’s specific needs and can offer important safety benefits, including the following:

  • Personal Liability Coverage
  • Critical home mechanical, electrical, and electronic breakdown repair or replacement
  • Comprehensive “all-risk” coverage against property damage or loss 
  • Guaranteed rebuilding cost without caps or limitations to match the quality of your home
  • Sewer back-up

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