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Tips on How to Safely Navigate the Wheel

In the last few years, technology has made huge advances in the way we operate cars. However, navigation systems are one of the most efficient and effective ways to do so. They are helpful to have for navigating unfamiliar roads and areas. This is regardless if they are integrated into your car’s dashboard, used from your phone or tablet, or purchased separately.

While driver assistance and navigation technologies are excellent additions to our vehicles, they cannot replace attentive driving. According to a 2017 study from the University of Utah, test subjects spent on average 40 seconds programming navigation into an in-vehicle information system. A call, a text message, and tuning the radio were deemed the least distracting of the four tasks measured. The likelihood of a collision increases when focus is taken away from the road.

Tips for staying safe while driving

Review and program navigation before departure.

Driving isn’t the time to program an address. The equivalent of taking your eyes off the road for five seconds is travelling the length of a football field. Plan your destination ahead of time to avoid distractions.

Ignore messages and calls.

The easiest option is to leave your phone alone. Avoid distracted driving by ignoring text messages. When you need to call or make a call, pull over.

Lower the music.

If you want to use a GPS system, the safest way is to have audible directions so the driver doesn’t have to look away from the road. If you lower the music, you will be able to clearly hear the directions.

To learn more about safe driving tips, read this Canada Safety Council article 

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